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WordPress is a very popular content management system that allows you to update your website. All you have to do is edit/replace what you see right here with YOUR information. With WordPress you do not need any other special software to edit the text in the pages of your website.

You could use this home page to describe your company. You might want to include your company’s name, address, telephone number and any other pertinent contact information.

From there you could also describe briefly what products and/or services your company provides.

Next, you may want to write about the history of your company. How it was started, or where you got the idea to start your company. Details and pertinent text will help your WordPress website be found by the search engines.

Remember, the first page (also referred to as the home page) of your WordPress site is the page that your potential customers will see. So, feel free to dress it up with your company logo and pertinent photos!

To change the page header (the picture at the top of each page in the web site) all you have to do is create an appropriate sized .jpg or .gif or .png format picture and upload it by going to Appearance and then Header while logged in to the Dashboard. In most WordPress websites, navigating to that place will explain the exact size required depending on the theme you are using.

Although CharlesWorks has created this sample WordPress site as a way to display our $99 get online special, it could just as easily be used as a personal or family website as well.

The possibilities are as endless as your ideas!

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